Corporate Strategy and Global Business Strategy

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25 Novembre 2023

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Objectifs de la formation
Contenu de la formation
  • Strategies: Strategies for Change; Reflecting on the Strategy Process.
  • Strategies: The Manager’s Job: Good Managers Don’t Make Policy Decisions.
  • Formulating Strategies: Formulating Strategy. Evaluating Business Strategy. Case Study 1: Li & Fung – The Global Value
  • Strategic Change: Transforming Organisations. Convergence and Upheaval. Case Study 2: Coca- Colas Re-Entry and growth strategies in Chain
  • Cognition: Strategy as Cognition.
  • Organisation: The Structuring of Organisations. Strategy and Organisation Planning. The Design of New Organisational Forms. Case Study 3: British Airways- USAir: Structuring a Global Strategic Alliance
  • Technology: Customising Customisation. Case Study 4: Apple’s iPod System: iPod, iTunes, and Fairplay
  • Globalisation: Managing Across Borders. Seven Myths Regarding Global Strategies. Case Study 5: Wal-Mart in the 21st Century: A Global Perspective
  • Values: New Values, Morality, and Strategic Ethics.
  • Managing Start-Ups: The Entrepreneurial Organisation. Competitive Strategy in Emerging Industries Guest Lecturer : Entrepreneurship
  • Managing Diversity: The Diversified Organisation. From Competitive Advantage to Corporate Strategy
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